The Synergy Experience

Synergy is a summer experience program offered by the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University for students in grades 5 -12.  It affords students the opportunity to experience business as a field of study in a post secondary setting.

During this two-week program, students will participate in interactive workshops to:

  • Gain leadership and team work skills
  • Experiment with digital resources
  • Gain financial literacy
  • Develop marketing and business plans addressing real company issues
  • Learn insightful and innovative ways to solve business problems.

Our Focus

Synergy Values“At Synergy our team aims to inspire students to become disruptive thinkers and the next generation of business leaders. Engage with innovation in business, and the role of technology in reshaping every day life. Synergy will challenge students to think about all stakeholders in a business and help them learn how to create value beyond the bottom line.”

Why Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Sustainability?


  • To immerse students in the thought processes of an entrepreneur and inspire them to pursue ideas that cause new economic activity


  • Develop student’s ability to be divergent thinkers. Business is changing, rapidly and the next generation of workers will have to know how to innovate and adapt to keep pace with change


  • Pollution, Deforestation, Loss of Biodiversity, Climate Change, Waste Disposal….Global Warming…these are not just terms any more. These threats are real and business has to see the PLANET as a key part of its bottom line.

Post Synergy Student

“Student’s who participate in Synergy are immersed in a post-secondary setting where they get a headstart on business. Students will learn about the different functions of business, participate in interactive workshops, as well as case based learning.”

Synergy Banner in the Lobby

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