Leadership Team


Lydia Vanderkooy

Program Co-Ordinator

Why Join Synergy?

“Synergy was the reason I chose to pursue a commerce degree, specifically at McMaster, and it opened up a world of curiosity and passion within me.”



Anna Pocrnick

Program Co-Ordinator

Why Join Synergy?

“I wanted to become involved with Synergy to help create a learning platform for students to experience business concepts and ideas in a hands-on way and get involved in their community through meeting and engaging with industry professionals. I believe Synergy is a stellar way to get a head start on business for youth.”


Mackenzie Nolan

Program Co-Ordinator

Why Join Synergy?

“Looking back over my University career I can only thank my experiences inside and outside of the classroom for where I am today. With that said, I want the ability to communicate that and ingrain that into the next generation of business leaders. That is why Synergy is such an important program in our local community as well as the greater business community.”
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Mandeep Malik

Program Advisor

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